Monday, June 6, 2011

Moroccan Monday!

It's Moroccan Monday and I couldn't be more excited about this colorful storyboard I created for Town & Country School's annual fundraiser, "Summer Soiree!" I must say, there is something Magical about a Moroccan themed event! From the jewel toned colors and gold accents to the stained glass lanterns and plush decorative pillows, all we need is magic carpet to whisk us away! 
No Moroccan event is complete without its very own live camel right? Well..... that is my thinking anyways and you guessed it....yes I have found a live camel who will be greeting guests as they arrive and enter into a mystical, Moroccan adventure! 
Possibilites are endless when it comes to designing an event and why not do something out of the ordinary? Guests love surprises and love to be "wowed!" Think about shaking things up the next time you plan that big birthday surprise or host a summer bash! The Sky is the limit! 

To get this look for your next party or to create a theme that "wows" your guests.. contact Farthing Events!